Cristian and GBoy

Hey there guys and gals and welcome like always to more latinboyz in action as per usual. You know that you get to see some pretty intense and sensual gay fuck fests every week and this time it’s back to basics as it were after last week’s juicy solo scene. The two guys treating you to their nasty time are Cristian GBoy and oh man did they have lots of fun in that classy bedroom today. Especially with GBoy taking the receiving end for this one and letting Cristian use his nice and big cock on his tight little ass for the better part of the whole juicy show. But anyway, we know you want to see these latin boyz play so let’s get on with it!

Well since GBoy wants so desperately to be the one to take that cock up the ass, he gets to take his time and work Cristian’s big dick with those juicy lips and in the process of getting the guy rock hard, he almost made him blow a few times too. It would seem that he’s quite the cock sucking expert as well. Anyway, once the foreplay is done, watch the clothes fly and see GBoy getting to spread those legs so that Cristian can go balls deep in his ass. And he does so missionary style for the rest of this amazing show too. Take your time with it and see you all soon with more new content! We’ll be sure to bring you some truly juicy and kinky scenes!


Enjoy watching this latin guy getting covered with jizz!